An extraordinary culinary journey through the coldest continent in the world brought to you by The Q

Atul Kochhar’s unique talent as a twice Michelin starred chef has changed the way people perceive and experience Indian cuisine. He will bring this expertise on board and curate the Indian dining experience. The Q is thrilled to collaborate with Chef Kochhar as he will be fulfilling each and every craving of travellers. He will ensure vegan, Jain and other specific meal preferences are specially curated for our guests. For all the master-chefs at home, get ready for a masterclass with Chef Kochhar amidst the finest luxuries of the ship. Cook up a scrumptious meal in the frozen wilderness of Antarctica. A one of a kind experience curated for our discerning audience by The Q.

Check out this video to get a glimpse of what Chef Kochhar has planned for the culinary experience.